The humanitarian miracle in Hungary’s train stations

Média   MigAid   Interjú   Cikk, 10.07.2015 - Budapest, Hungary

A Facebook group was created with the name Migration AID and has 4000 members already[3]. Every evening at the train stations in the biggest towns where migrants can be found, and at Budapest’s central stations: Keleti, Nyugati and Deli, there are dozens of volunteers armed with water, biscuits, fruit, toothbrushes, sanitary towels, clothes and toys for children. These commodities they have bought themselves in many cases, and every night more come to help. Some come with a few things bought in a nearby supermarket, others come with nothing but want to help distribute, and others come with a car stuffed with pre-prepared meals for the hungry. One anonymous businessman donated 10 lorries filled with goods that can be used at the camps.